Full Size Adjustable Beds

Before you buy a Full Size AdjustableBed, compare Price, Quality, Guarantee, Service and Selection.  At Electro-Pedic, we've been AdjustableBed Specialists Since 1964.  We will get the Full Size Adjustable Bed Model, Size, Length, Mattress, Firmness, Height and Options EXACTLY how you need it.  Afterall, when you've been doing the same thing for almost 50 years, you get pretty good at it.

The Full, Regular or Double Size (however you want to call it - they are the same), come in your choice of (3) three lenths:  74", 80" and 84".  The 53" x 74" Regular Size is ONLY recommended for people who are 5'3" and shorter (you lose about 6" in the bending).  BUT, the BEDDING for the 74" length is found in all major bedding sections of all department stores.  BUT! we have a good selection of the 80" length and 84" length bottom fitted sheets to buy directly from us.

The 80" length for a Full, Regular Double Size Adjustable Bed is STANDARD!  This is what we recommend for MOST people.

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  • Fullsize Adjustable Beds

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Fullsize Adjustable Beds come in your choice of Full Regular 53" x 74", Full Extra Long 53" x 80" and Full Cal King Long 53" x 84".  The Full Size Adjustable Beds are also called Regular Size and Double Size.  99 out of 100 people who buy the Full Size sleep "by themselves".  A Queensize or Dual Queen or Dual King is recommended for two people who want to sleep together.  Select the Full size Adjustable Bed Mattress for your personal use, and take a health break - each and every night - for the rest of your life!

Select a Full Size Mattress for your Adjustable Bed:  Air, Innerspring (Pocketed Coil), Memory Foam and Latex Foam. 

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