Bruno Elite Outside Exterior Outdoor StairLift

Bruno’s Outdoor Elite Provides Exterior Access

SRE-2010E Outdoor Elite Gallery

Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite Straight Rail Stairlift Innovative weather resistant cover system
designed to travel with the chair, allowing
easy ON/OFF operation and protection
from the elements when not in use.Bruno SRE-2010E Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite

Outdoor Elite

Model SRE-2010E



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The Outdoor Elite is the leader among chair lifts for outside applications. An outdoor stair lift with many standard features, it's remarkable.

SRE-2010E Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite Straight Rail Stairlift

Access to your home from an exterior staircase is not a problem.

Built in Wisconsin and tested in all types of weather, the Outdoor Elite is reliable, safe, durable and designed to withstand the elements. An outdoor stair lift of this quality allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease – any time of year!

With the same quality, comfort and dependability found in any Bruno home stair lift, the Outdoor Elite stair lift provides more.

With innumerable uses – from your front door to the sidewalk or your cabin door to the boathouse – this outdoor stair lift offers unique mobility. Only a home stair lift designed like this one can extend your independence safely and securely outside your home. Not all chair lifts are created equally – Bruno built = Best built.


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